Course: Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars Course
This course is a gem for middle school science classes. It teaches students all about the Red Planet and its place in our Solar System. Maggie, our young host, reveals intriguing facts about orbits, the distance from Earth to Mars, the time it will take to travel from Earth to Mars, and how to calculate the amount of fuel needed for such a trip. Students experiment with electrolysis and learn how to use the natural resources of space to survive on Mars. In virtual science labs, they operate a rover and use a special membrane to make methane fuel for their return to Earth. This lesson engages students in science, math and writing exercises.

Video Excerpt:

This course can help you meet the following National Science Education Standards:
The National Science Education Standards present a vision of a scientifically literate populace.
They outline what students need to know, understand and be able to do in order to be scientifically literate at different grade levels.

NSE Standards in this course:

Middle School:
As a result of their activities in grades 5-8...
...all students should develop:
A Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
An understanding of scientific inquiry
B An understanding of:
  • Properties and changes of properties in matter
  • Motions and forces
  • Transfer of energy
D An understanding of:
  • Structure of the earth system
  • Earth's history
  • Earth in the solar system
...all students should develop:
  • Abilities of technological design
  • Some understanding of science and technology
G An understanding of:
  • Science as a human endeavor
  • Nature of science
  • History of science
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