Course: Bones in Space

Bones in Space Course
A wonderful journey in biosciences, this course presents the skeleton and everything related and connected to it in fun videos and interactive projects. This course presents informative and entertaining segments on how bones, ligaments and joints work with other systems in the body, and why they are so important. A virtual lab gives students the chance to learn about strength and displacement by applying measured force to bones. In another virtual lab, students' individual diet, sleep and activities for one week are applied to an astronaut in space whose success depends on healthy bones. Seeing the effects of diet and exercise on bone density, students learn the importance of building good bone health.

Video Excerpt:

This course can help you meet the following National Science Education Standards:
The National Science Education Standards present a vision of a scientifically literate populace.
They outline what students need to know, understand and be able to do in order to be scientifically literate at different grade levels.

NSE Standards in this course:

Middle School:
As a result of their activities in grades 5-8...
...all students should develop:
A Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
An understanding of scientific inquiry
B An understanding of:
  • Properties and changes of properties in matter
  • Motions and forces
  • Transfer of energy
C An understanding of:
  • Structure and function in living systems
  • Reproduction and heredity
  • Regulation and behavior
  • Populations and ecosystems
  • Diversity and adaptations of organisms
D An understanding of:
  • Structure of the earth system
  • Earth's history
  • Earth in the solar system
...all students should develop:
  • Abilities of technological design
  • Some understanding of science and technology
  • Personal health
  • Populations, resources and environments
  • Natural hazards
  • Risks and benefits
  • Science and technology in society
G An understanding of:
  • Science as a human endeavor
  • Nature of science
  • History of science
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